2 Players

Mike and I really enjoy playing games. It’s a great alternative to just sitting on the couch at night. We often play cards and other games when we are with our families but have a harder time finding games for just 2 people.  We are always on the look-out for fun 2 player games that require a bit of thinking. Here are some of our favorites:

Last Christmas Mike’s sister Allison and her husband Kevin introduced us to a game called Bananagrams. In this game, you race the other player(s) as you build your own crossword puzzle. It’s sort of like Scrabble, but it’s a race, and you build your own puzzle rather than sharing. And.. it’s cheap!

On our honeymoon we were reminded of our love for Chess. It definitely requires brain power, especially since we’ve both been improving our strategies! The life-size version in the Jamaican sun is much more fun, but the regular set we have at home gets the job done.


Lastly… Blink. Alright, alright, I know this game is for kids. In fact, Mike found out about it from the 3rd graders attending his summer camp. However, it’s a fast paced game that doesn’t require much thinking so it’s a nice change after too much Chess. It’s also fun with lots of people! And it’s even cheaper!

Those have been our favorites lately, but here are some other 2 player games we like:
Blokus Trigon (not really a 2 player game but we each play 2 colors so it’s like we have friends over)
Skip-bo, Backgammon
Card Games: Garbage (also a little kid game Mike learned at summer camp), Gin, European War

Do you know of any other fun 2 player games we could try?


7 thoughts on “2 Players

  1. Sara somehow forgot to mention that I DESTROYED her last night in bananas (and by that I mean snuck out a win, but I’ll take it)

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