A Milestone Dinner

Tonight as Mike and I sat down to a dinner of Maid-Rites, he made a comment about how this dinner was helping him on his quest to become a true Iowan. He has an Iowa drivers license, is registered to vote in Iowa, and has lived here for nearly 6 years, but what truely makes you an Iowan? Jokingly, we decided to make a list of what it will take for him to become an Iowan. Here it is (in no particular order)!

1. Attend a county fair. CHECK!  VIP night at the Del-Co fair, Jurassic corndog and all!

2. Attend a Hawkeye wrestling meet. CHECK! Not to mention the Big 10 Wrestling meet, Midlands, and National Duals! I think he gets bonus points for this one!

3. Eat a Maid-Rite. CHECK! Thanks to tonight’s dinner!

4. Go to Adventureland. CHECK!  He’s been twice with summer camp. In fact, tonight we had a debate about which rollarcoaster is more rickety, the Outlaw or the “concussion inducing Dragon” as Mike likes to call it. Thoughts?

Pretty good so far, but this is where he starts to fall short…
5. Visit the Field of Dreams. Nope, not yet, maybe later this summer.
6. Detassel. Nope, but my brother detassels every summer, so maybe he’ll hire Mike next summer. For those of you not from Iowa, click here to find out what detasseling is.
7. Ride in RAGBRAI. Nope, but neither have I, so we’ll have to accomplish this one together.

So that’s what we came up with!
Iowans: what else should be added to our list?
Non-Iowans: what are the must-dos in your state?


7 thoughts on “A Milestone Dinner

  1. From Dan, Mike and Cindy
    -hike Backbone State Park
    -canoe the Upper Iowa River
    -visit the Amish
    -cheer for a college football team (no pro team in Iowa)
    -go a famers market, Friday night fish fry, and a church supper, and a beer tent

  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Looks like Mike has some work to do! And… I guess I do too! Sharon – try the Maid-Rites! You won’t be disappointed!

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