Flash Mob!

I experienced my first flash mob yesterday!! A flash mob is a group of people who get together in a public setting, usually where there will be lots of people, and perform a surprise choreographed dance. The first I heard of a flash mob was through this YouTube video:

I then saw this episode of Modern Family where Mitchell does a flash mob and I became obsessed! Being part of a flash mob is definitely on my bucket list!

So yesterday, I heard that the summer camp kids from the Iowa City Recreation Department would be putting on a flash mob at noon in the ped mall in Iowa City. Upon hearing this I made sure my lunch break was taken slightly before noon so I could be in the ped mall to see all the action!

I know what you’re thinking. I knew about it in advance so it doesn’t count as a true flash mob encounter. And I agree, you’re right. However, it was pretty awesome to see 50 K-6th graders and some camp counselors dancing in the ped mall!

As for participating in a flash mob… if anyone’s interested let me know!


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