Looking for more than reality tv

I’m a little late posting tonight because President Obama interruped the Bachelorette and messed up my whole schedule for the night. Speaking of the Bachelorette, Mike and I recently realized that every television show we currently watch is a reality show. Here’s our weekly rundown:

Sunday: Food Network Star. I’m thinking Susie’s going to win this season. Mike’s vote is for Vic Vegas. Stay tuned!

Monday: Bachelorette. duh. I’ve been rooting for J.P. all season but am starting to like Ben after this week. The “Dudes tell all” episode is next Sunday – get excited for some drama!

Wednesday: The Challenge: Rivals. This show is too ridiculus to even attempt to pick a winner, but quite entertaining!

Also, I saw a commercial for the next season of The Bachelor Pad! Can’t wait! The return of Jake & Vienna!

Anyway, upon realizing that all we watch is reality tv (with the exception of Modern Family,but there aren’t any new episodes on right now) we decided we’re in need of a drama series. For the last few years we’ve been obsessed with Dexter. Season 5 comes out on DVD at the end of August and we can’t wait! (We don’t get HBO so we’re resigned to waiting until it comes out on DVD) 

So, we’re looking for something new. Any suggestions of a good drama series we should start watching? Help!

3 thoughts on “Looking for more than reality tv

  1. Sam and I watch Memphis Beat on Tuesday nights. It’s on TNT…I am not sure if you would consider it a drama but it stars Jason Lee (The guy from My Name is Earl) who is a Memphis police detective. He likes to sing and occasionally breaks into song in the middle of an epidsode. Very good!
    I also really like Parenthood. It’s not on now but hopefully will be again in the fall. I mostly like it because of Lauren Graham but….still good.

  2. Same thoughts on “The Bachelorette”. Something about Ben was different this week. Maybe we just got to hear him talk more or be silly with her. I liked it! Next week will be interesting.

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