Lunch date & a Den pop!

Today Mike and I had a lunch date! It was the first time all summer that our schedules matched up so we could meet downtown for lunch. Usually my extraordinary signing kids up for swimming lessons skills are needed at the Mercer Park Aquatic Center on the east side of Iowa City. Mike finished class on campus around lunch time and eats his lunch in the car on the way to Camp Coralville. Thus, there isn’t much time for a lunch date nor are we on the same side of town. Well it just so happened that Mike had the day off from Camp Coralville today so he was finishing up class around lunchtime. It also just so happened that my extraordinary signing kids up for swimming lessons skills were needed at the downtown recreation center today giving us the perfect opportunity for lunch!

We’ve been wanting to try some of the Indian restaurants in Iowa City so we decided to give one a shot today. The India Cafe did not disappoint! My favorite was the vegetable curry and Mike enjoyed the tandoori chicken while daydreaming about his former boss from Thomson Reuters who introduced him to Indian food.

After our bellies were full I headed back to work and Mike went home to type a paper. However, before he left, being the gentleman that he is, he decided to treat me to a Den pop. It seriously made my day! Not only is it great to have some fountain pop (actually I usually get iced tea) to get you through the afternoon, but at these prices it’s even better!  It’s sort of like the “I’m getting away with something sneaky” feeling you get when you buy something really awesome and it’s on sale AND you have a coupon… except this is always the price of Den pops! Seriously?! A quarter for a 24 oz! Yes please!

With this little treat at my desk you better believe I was signing kids up for swimming lessons with a giant smile on my face! Sometimes the littlest things make my day. Thanks, Mike!


2 thoughts on “Lunch date & a Den pop!

  1. Amazing deal! I would get that every day. Yum! Drinking fountain pop reminds me of eating in the cafe in college. I would guzzle soda every meal. Healthy! 😉 I’m happy you two had time for a date. Yay!

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