Shopping & RAGBRAI

When I was younger my mom and I would go shopping in August for my birthday and for back to school clothes. We usually made a trip to Minneapolis or Chicago and would spend the weekend there. Sometimes it was just the two of us, sometimes friends came along, but I always looked forward to it! Last year my mom and I restarted this tradition and this year today was the day! We headed to Des Moines this time and only spent the day but it was still great to spend time together, catch up, and of course SHOP! This summer has been crazy with a wedding, honeymoon, and cabin trips so it was nice to spend time together just chatting in the car. I’m also super stoked about these new kicks! Hopefully they’ll help with this!

After we spent all our money in Des Moines my mom dropped me off and Mike and I headed to Coralville because RAGBRAI was in town tonight! It was crazy to see all the people and bikes and tents. Touring the park was good motivation for us to hopefully one day cross RAGBRAI off our list. As for this year, our RAGBRAI experience involved getting lost in the sea of tents and eating a delicious burrito!


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