Marriage Prep in Practice Part 2

Another thing we talked about in our marriage prep meetings was setting goals for our marriage. We talked about the importance of coming up with the goals together and taking time throughout the year to evaluate how we are doing on our goals. The trick is to have concrete goals that can be measured in some way. For example, if the goal is to spend more time together, then a measurable goal would be to set aside one day a week for date night. This way the two of you can evaluate how many Tuesday nights you actually had date night together.

As with any goal setting, I’ve found that when I keep my goals to myself I am more likely to bend the rules or let myself slide a little. When others know about my goals I am held more accountable. So, I want to let you guys in on the marriage goals that Mike and I have so you can help us accomplish them. If somebody doesn’t know your goal they can’t help you reach it, right?

While we were on our honeymoon we spent some time discussing possible goals for our first year of marriage. We talked about what our expectations were and what we wanted to do so we could continue to grow closer. The 9 months of our engagement were a time of exponential growth in our relationship (sorry, I can’t help but geek out with math terms every once in a while) and a big reason for that was the growth in our faith. Thus, we decided to base our goals around our faith. Our first goal is to read a faith-centered marriage book together and our second goal is to become involved in some kind of ministry at Parkview.

Progress on our goals:
We haven’t started reading a book together yet, but we have started talking about what we want to read. If you have any suggestions let us know!
We have also started thinking about what kind of ministry we want to be involved in at Parkview. Doug, one of the pastors who counseled us during our engagement, is starting a new ministry for young adults/recently married couples/grad students that focuses on reaching out to this age group (our age group). He recently told us about his ideas and asked if we would be willing to help him get it started. We’re really excited to be involved and can’t wait to learn more about it! We’re also joining a small group bible study with Scott, the pastor who married us, that will meet once a week to help strengthen our faith.

So, now you know our goals for this year! We would love any encouragement or ideas you may have!

Do you and your husband/wife set goals? If so, what are they? Remember… I can’t help you accomplish them if I don’t know what they are!


3 thoughts on “Marriage Prep in Practice Part 2

  1. Sara- I am so proud of Mike and you and the goals you are setting for the first year of your marriage. The opportunity at Park View sounds like a wonderful way for Mike and you to grow together but also help others. Love it! One book that Bob and I have read together is “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman It was a great book for us to read together and discover how to show love for each other through each love language.

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