XTERRA Trail Run!

This weekend Mike ran his first race ever! Our friend Travis was planning an XTERRA Triathlon at Sugar Bottom in North Liberty and they also had 5k and 10k trail runs. Mike and two friends, Ben & Pat, signed up for the 10k trail run and did an awesome job! Just to be clear… a trial run doesn’t mean running on nice paths through the forest. It was teeny little paths that went up and down and left and right with fallen branches blocking the path and muddy hills at every turn. I walked through some of the path so I could watch his run and I had trouble walking, let alone running! Thus, these photos are taken from the larger path which they crossed over several times. For his first race ever, I would say this was quite an adventure!

Before the race!During the race: (These photos do not do the terrain any justice)





 After the race:

Afterwards everyone took a nice nap, me included 🙂 and then went over to Pat’s to grill out! I made some Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries for dessert. YUM!






That’s all for Saturday! What did you do this weekend?


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