Zach Johnson Classic

Today I had the chance to go to the Zach Johnson Foundation Classic golf tournament in Cedar Rapids. This tournament is a fundraiser for Zach’s foundation that assists before and after school programs in Cedar Rapids. I was a bit late getting to Cedar Rapids so I took a shuttle bus to the course to meet up with my mom, Tirzah, and Seth. The bus dropped me off at a side entrance and just as I entered and looked to my left there was Zach signing autographs! Wow… I thought, I’ve been here about 1 minute and already got the host’s autograph! This is going to be a good day!

I made my way across the course to meet up with my family. My step-dad Mike was playing in the golf tournament so we spent most of the day following his group. The pro in his group was Taylor Leon who is on the LPGA tour. After watching her a few holes I decided she met my standards and I asked for her autograph as well. 🙂 Seth, however, had his mind set on getting Kurt Warner’s autograph so we waited on a tee box until Kurt’s group teed off so Seth could run up and get it!
Before I even knew I was going to the tournament I had heard that Ricky Fowler was going to be playing. Ricky livens up the golf scene with his flashy Puma attire so I was really excited to see what he was wearing at the event. Let me tell you… Ricky did not disappoint! To my delight his entire outfit was purple! Even his golf shoes were purple! Upon seeing this I knew I had to have his autograph so my mom and I followed him a couple of holes and sure enough we got it! I was quite surprised at how small he is! Check out this pic!

I was so impressed with all the golfers at the tournament and their willingness to stop and sign autographs. So many people were at each hole yelling their names and each time they stopped and signed. On one hole Ricky Fowler stopped and signed for at least 5 minutes, greatly slowing up his team, but making a lot of people happy in the meantime!

While Seth and I were running around getting autographs, my mom felt left out and decided she wanted to get an autograph from her favorite golfer. So, the next time we saw Mike Dunn’s group my mom politely asked Mr. Dunn for his autograph!

Question: I’ve never really been big into getting autographs, but it was super-fun today! Have you ever gotten autographs from anyone famous?


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