Which Wich & a Birthday Party!

Mmmmmm Which Wich! Mike and I had some lunch and Which Wich today and it was delicious. I don’t know what it is about their sandwiches but they are excellent! They also send their cookies through the oven with the sandwiches so they are nice and warm! We shared a chocolate chip!

Then we were off to Independence for a birthday party for Brianne. She turned 4 on Sunday and she was excited to celebrate! She was thrilled to get a new purse, a baby doll, and some makeup “just like Mommy’s!” She as so excited about her presents she wanted to start playing house immediately and didn’t want to waste any time eating cake!

It was fun to see the raw excitement in her when she opened her presents. Several of my birthdays stick out in my head. I once had a Hawaiian birthday party and received a Baby Walks a Lot. One summer I got a trampoline for my birthday and jumped all day everyday for the rest of the summer. And last year I got a fiance! 19 days until my bday… Mike is going to have to work pretty hard to live up to last year!

What were your most memorable birthdays?


3 thoughts on “Which Wich & a Birthday Party!

  1. i love which wich! one of my most memorable birthdays was hanging out with you and the rest of the fam playing TTR and going out for tapas. too bad we didn’t go to zero gravity though!

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