Wednesday D League Coed Softball Champions!

To start off I would like to apologize. I’m sure all of you were sitting at your computers all night last night waiting on a blog post that never came. My bad. But.. I have a good excuse! Mike and I play softball in Coralville on Wednesday nights with some of his coworkers and friends from Camp Coralville. We have really enjoyed it this summer because our team is competitive and tries to win, but is also laid back and doesn’t get mad at me when I trip and fall while trying to run to first base (more on this to come later).

Our team had a pretty busy summer. Between vacations, weddings (4 of our team members got married this summer!), camps, and coaching we were left scrambling most weeks to ensure we had enough players to field a team. Thus, our regular season record did not appropriately reflect the ability of our team. The playoffs started last week and we were given the #7 seed out of 14 teams. So last week we played the #11 seed and won, yay! After the game last week our team manager, Beth, told us not to expect big things this week because we were playing the #2 seed, the Swingin’ Dingers, and they play 3 times a week! (get a life!)

As you can guess from the title of this post, we beat the Dingers and moved on to the semifinals of the tournament. Go team! Well, because we were planning on losing, we were unaware that the rest of the tournament would be played that same night. As teammates hurried to cancel plans for that evening we prepared for our next game against the #3 seed which consisted of the counselors from Camp Wickham, a rival summer camp in Coralville. 🙂

After making quick work of the inferior summer camp (we won by the mercy rule!) we were in the finals against the #1 seed, the Greenbacks. We had played them earlier in the regular season and had lost miserably. The Greenbacks were Wednesday D League Coed Softball legends. Every team was scared of them and they won by mercy rule nearly every game. Almost all the girls on their team were bigger than almost all the guys on our team. Anyway, the championship turned out to be quite an interesting game. Mike was an all-star! (as always!) He had 2 triples and an inside the park home run! One of the triples was about 5 inches away from being over the fence! On the other hand, I was pathetic. Throughout the other two games I played quite well, getting on base nearly every at-bat. I guess the pressure of the championship go to me, because I didn’t get on base at all. Boooo. To make things worse, as I alluded to before, I took a bit of a spill on my way to first base. After hitting the ball I started to run and before I knew what happened I had skinned knees and hands and was dirty from head to toe. Ugh.

The good news is we won! We upset the Greenbacks which meant we beat the #1, #2, and #3 seeds all in the same night! Talk about a Cinderella story! We received a plaque deeming us Wednesday D League Coed Softball Champions! I find the number of qualifiers in that title hilarious. We’re not just the Coed Softball Champions, or the D League Coed Softball Champions, we are the Wednesday D League Coed Softball Champions! And darn proud of it!

So anyway, we didn’t leave the ballpark until about 10:30 and hadn’t had dinner yet! We grabbed a bite to eat and headed to bed which is why you were left post-less last night.

If anyone would like to challenge the champs let us know, we’ll try to fit you in our schedule!


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