An expert on 8 hour car rides

For about as long as I can remember my family has taken summer trips to Northern Minnesota. To get to my parents’ cabin in Park Rapids it takes about 8 hours. Because we have been making this trip for at least 20 years, I feel I have become an expert on entertaining myself for 8 hour car rides.

Yesterday we made the trip and here are some of the things we did to keep busy.

Mike played games on the iPad while my mom checked emails on her phone and Wiley slept. I took more anti-motion sickness medicine than planned so I ended up sleeping most of the way as well. Ooops!








And as always, it’s important to have some delicious snacks for the trip! This time we chose Munchies and Twizzlers and some Beef Jerkey for Mike! Yummmmm!

We have been quite busy since our arrival – stay tuned for updates on our activities!



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