Good food and not-so-good food

When I asked Mike what he was most excited to do at the cabin he responded “it’s a tie between Companeros and Zorbas.” Hmmm. I was expecting him to say skiing or kayaking or relaxing, but instead he was most excited about the restaurants in the Park Rapids area. I have to say, I can’t blame him! There are some great places to eat!

After we arrived on Friday we went to Companeros, a Mexican restaurant, and it was delicious! Saturday we went to Zorbas for pizza. Once again, delicious. Another staple in Park Rapids is The Royal which has yummy burgers. We went there for lunch on Monday and you guessed it: delicious! It was a good thing we went running a couple of times or I think I would have sunk straight to the bottom of the lake after all that eating!

Monday was kind of a dreary day and almost too windy to go skiing (I chickened out, but Mike and Seth braved the waters) so we were looking or something to do. Seth reminded me of one time at the cabin when we bought Bertie Bott’s Jelly Bellies and tried to trick our family into eating them. For those of you who haven’t read Harry Potter, let me explain what Bertie Bott’s are. Imagine jelly beans with the following flavors: booger, grass, soap, ear wax, vomit, earthworm, and rotten egg. These are Bertie Bott’s jelly beans. While they taste absolutely horrible, it is quite entertaining to taste them, and even more entertaining to watch others taste them.

So, because we were looking for something to do, Mike, Seth and I jumped in the big blue truck and headed into town to the candy store to buy some Bertie Bott’s. After returning to the cabin we decided to give them a try. As you can see, they were NOT delicious! Here are some pics of Mike trying earthworm, and Seth trying ear wax!







We then decided to journey back to 5th grade and try to trick others into trying them but they spotted our smirks from miles away! Some advice for the children in Mike’s classroom: you might want to think twice before trying some of Mr. Whitt’s jelly beans!


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