The beginning of the end of a sports drought!

Mike and I really enjoy watching sports on television. When we disagree about what to watch on t.v. usually sports are something we can agree on. (Unless it’s an NBA game that doesn’t involve the Bulls, those drive me crazy.) Even when we’re not actively watching the sporting event, we enjoy having sports on in the background while we’re doing schoolwork, cleaning or doing other things around our apartment.

Anyway, every year there is this time at the end of July and beginning of August when there are almost no sports on television. I know, I know, baseball is on all summer long, but the Yankees always win đŸ™‚ and the Cubs always lose đŸ™‚ so when you already know the outcome it isn’t as much fun to watch.

Luckily this week marks the beginning of the end of this year’s sports drought. The Little League World Series has started which is always fun to watch and tonight is the beginning of pre-season football. The end is in sight! Pre-season football isn’t great, but at least it means the real football season is starting soon! Ahhhh, Saturday afternoons watching college football and a crock pot brewing something delicious in the kitchen, I can see you in my near future!

What is your favorite sport to watch? Mine would be college football… and the Olympics. (Next summer! Yay!)


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