Our first trip to Hot Doug’s

This morning we met up with Allison & Kevin and headed into Chicago for some hot dogs. However, we didn’t go just anywhere in Chicago for hot dogs, we went to Hot Doug’s. Mike and I have heard Allison & Kevin rave about these hot dogs for quite some time and were excited to finally experience Hot Doug’s.



We arrived at Hot Doug’s around 10am. I know, it sounds a little early for hot dogs, and the restaurant doesn’t open until 10:30, but if you don’t get there early you end up waiting in line for hours! Check out this line! And from what we hear, the line is that long, or longer, all day.

While waiting in line we thought about the menu and decided what we wanted to order. Hot Doug’s has a regular menu that stays the same most of the time, and then there are daily specials that always change. Mike and I decided to share some hot dogs so we could try more dogs. We decided to go with The Fire Dog and a Corndog from the regular menu. From the specials menu we chose: 
The Mountain Man Sausage (a tasty combination of Elk, Antelope, Buffalo, Venison and Caribou) with Roasted Yellow Pepper Mayonnaise and Tetilla Cheese
Turducken Sausage with Smokey Bacon Sauce, Pate de Campagne and Brie-Blue Cheese

Talk about delicious! My favorite was the Turducken Sausage – the Brie-Blue Cheese was the perfect topping! I also really enjoyed th corndog, but I always really enjoy corndogs! Mike’s favorite was the Mountain Man. We also dined on a basket of duck fat fries. Needless to say, we didn’t eat much the rest of today!


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