The World Series of Games!

Whenever we visit the Whitts in Naperville we always play a lot of games. This time Mike came up with the idea to keep track of the winners and determine a grand champion of all the games. After everyone plead their case for their favorite games we decided on Up the River Down the River, Blink, Ticket to Ride, Skip Bo, Bananagrams, and Ping Pong. Each event crowned a winner, along with second and third place finishers. First place earned 3 points, second place earned 2 points and 3rd place earned 1 point.

We started the day off with a little game of Up the River Down the River, a pretty typical card game with bidding, trump etc. Mike got off to a blazing start and never slowed down taking first place easily. After that it was a close race for second and it came down to the last hand. John took second and I got third place and was a bit disappointed with my performance.

The next game on the docket was Bananagrams which I mentioned here. We had played a couple of rounds yesterday and I was feeling pretty good about my performance but I failed to perform when it really mattered. We played best of 3 rounds tallying subpoints to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. John took it to us taking 1st place in all 3 rounds. Once again I had second place and we had a 3 way tie for 3rd forcing a playoff round between Mike, Daniel and Sharon. Daniel was victorious and snatched up 3rd place.

After taking a short break we jumped into Skip Bo which I also mentioned here. The previous games were high intensity so Skip Bo seemed to drag a little. Mike and I enjoy playing with just 2 people but with more than 2 I think it gets a little long. Once we got to the end it was a bit more exciting. I ended up winning! Yay! Mike came in second and Sharon captured third place.

After a long game of Skip Bo we needed to turn up the intensity and yikes! Blink definitely did that! We played 6 rounds of Blink (also noted here) and everyone left the table upset. There was arguing, elbow throwing, rule changing… competitiveness to the core! I pulled out a win with Mike taking second and Daniel taking third, but like I said, nobody left the table happy. At this point it was time for a serious break from games!

We relaxed for a while and ate a delicious dinner, and then the games continued. Next up: Ticket to Ride. This is a strategy game where you are given several destinations on a map and you have to link them together with trains. The tough part is that other people are also trying to build trains and may use certain routes you need, thus causing you to reroute to connect your cities. Mike, Daniel and I fought over Western Europe while John was the only one to carefully plot his route through Eastern Europe and took first place. Sharon took second place and I snuck in for third.

Our final games was Ping Pong! It was a tight race heading into Ping Pong so the pressure was on. We played a round robin first to get the top 4 seeds for the tournament. The top 4 seeds were #1 Mike, #2 Sara, #3 John, #4 Daniel. I played John in the first semifinal and won despite his tricky spinning hits and Mike beat Daniel in the other semifinal. John beat Daniel in the 3rd place match securing 1 point. It was me vs. Mike in the championship and I didn’t stand a chance. Mike took home the victory in Ping Pong.

So here are the final standings for the first ever Whitt World Series of Games!
1. Sara
2. Mike
3. John
4. Sharon
5. Daniel
Wahoo! Grand Champ! Maybe they were just being nice because I’m new to the family. 🙂

Although Sharon and Daniel didn’t get first in any games they had a good time and were always good sports. Better luck next time!

We are thinking about making this a tradition. Any ideas of what we could use as our trophy?


2 thoughts on “The World Series of Games!

  1. We had an engagement party at TCB in Iowa City. Our trophy was a round piece of foam with a sweatband around it (for shuffleboard), a dart stuck in the middle, and those pool triangles that set the balls in place (i don’t know what it’s called!) glued on top. –then it was all painted gold. Not quite the same type of games, but a good place to start?

    We also have 2 real trophies that get engraved every year for the winner of the football pool and the march madness pool. It’s so fun 🙂

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