Spending the day at Kent Park

Mike and I really enjoy going to Kent Park to read, relax, go for a walk, and sometimes have a picnic. Kent Park is just outside of Iowa City and it takes us about 15 minutes to get there. There is a lake with a gravel path around it that we like a lot and reminds us of our walks/rollerblades around the lakes in Minneapolis. We were first introduced to Kent Park by our wedding photographer, Greg, when he suggested it as a location for our engagement photos.

Ever since then we have spent time at Kent Park quite often. It’s always peaceful and typically there aren’t many people there. Today was basically our last day of summer. We have a few days until school starts but are quite busy this week so today was the last day we had open to do whatever we want. After some cleaning and getting organized from being away for 10 days we decided we would head out to Kent Park for a day of reading, and then go for a run around the lake. However, getting ready to head to the park quickly turned into this:

Ooops. Okay so after watching some tv, reading, and a quick nap it was already five o’clock and spending the day at Kent Park had gone by the wayside! We decided we would still head out to the park for our run. I enjoyed tolerated running in Minnesota because of the pretty route we ran so I thought running the trails and the park might be fun okay as well. We made it through the run and headed home.

Spending the day at the park turned into spending an hour at the park! Oh well! It was a nice relaxing day at home. To top the day off I made some Banana Bread from this mix we had gotten as a wedding gift. It’s delicious!

Turns out our day was just what we needed after being away! Quite relaxing! How do you relax after being away?


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