A perfect Saturday!

Today was a great day! I always look forward to Saturdays in the summer because of the farmers market in Iowa City. The main reason we go to the farmers market is for a little stand called David’s Ethiopian & Eritrean Food. We were first introduced to Ethiopian food by Allison & Kevin in Evanston and immediately fell in love! We soon found out there was an Ethiopian restaurant in Iowa City, David’s Place, but it had closed only weeks before we fell in love in Evanston. Earlier this summer as I was walking through the farmer’s market I saw a familiar sign in the distance. After a quick double take my hopes were affirmed! David may have closed his restaurant but he has a stand at the farmer’s market! Thus, the only way to taste his delicious food is to attend the farmer’s market. So each Saturday we are in Iowa City and don’t have any morning plans we head to the farmer’s market. Today was no different!

There aren’t a lot of beverages available at the farmer’s market so today we decided to stop and get a Den tea first. We splurged this time and went for the 32 oz.

Then we headed for the market. First stop: David’s! We’ve tried several different things but today I went with 1/2 spicy lentils and 1/2 chickpeas served with injera. The injera is probably the best part about the dish. The texture is so unique!
We then purchased a couple of things from the market and continued to walk around downtown. Sidenote: LOTS of freshman roaming around campus today! Wow! They are everywhere! Anyway, last stop of the farmer’s market trip is the Iowa City Public Library to return/checkout some books, but most importantly, grab a ticket for free parking in the ramp!
Most of the day after that we spent just hanging out together at home. We watched some Little League World Series and did a little reading. Quite relaxing! Then it was time for a run (I did my longest distance ever!) and then dinner.

Let’s talk about dinner. We were planning on having Chicken Enchilada Casserole but the chicken wasn’t defrosted so we went with a new recipe for Crab Cakes instead. We have experimented with crab cakes before and always ended up less than impressed. But not with this recipe! They were fantastic – and baked instead of fried. Rather than the red pepper relish that goes on top, we made a cucumber dip to top it off. Mmmm it was delicious! Here it is: 1/2 large cucumber seeded and diced, 1 clove of garlic, 1 cup Greek yogurt, and 2 tablespoons fresh mint chopped. Just stir it up! It was the perfect topping for the crab cakes. I wish I had a picture but we ate it all too fast to snap one!

After dinner we watched another LLWS game and the headed to Ghurties for some frozen yogurt. This is my kind of place! It has about 8 kinds of frozen yogurt and about a billion toppings to choose from! The best part: you get to assemble yourself! I have been to these places before, but Ghurties is the first and only one in the Iowa City area. Mike and I shared a bowl that contained 3 kinds of frozen yogurt: Tahitian Vanilla, California Tart, and Red Velvet. And for toppings: Strawberries, Raspberries, Kiwi, Granola, Captain Crunch, Coconut, and Cheesecake Bites. All this for only $3.60!

So there you have it! A perfect Saturday! What does your perfect Saturday entail?


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