Anxious about change

Tonight was freshman orientation at school and let me tell you – there were some seriously anxious freshmen! Some were nervous about classes, others were nervous for social reasons, and others just because “it’s high school!”

I was definitely not this kind of student. I was excited for high school and ready to be there as soon as possible. Similarly, I wasn’t nervous about going to college. In fact, a big reason I did sorority recruitment was so that I could move to campus a week earlier! I think this is because I really like change. Not just big changes like going to a new school, or a new class schedule in college, but little changes too. I always liked rearranging my room as a youngster, and that didn’t change in college. My Theta roommate Katie and I rearranged our room much more than necessary (and were quite creative with our arrangements I must say).

Did you get nervous starting high school/college?

Do you get anxious about change now?


2 thoughts on “Anxious about change

  1. My K-12 years were in the same building- definitely more excitement than being nervous! I can’t say I was nervous for college either, I was definitely excited to move on.

    But- I have to say, “back to school” is my favorite time of year, and that is one reason I think I became a teacher. There is so much excitement and anticipation, seeing old friends and teachers, and the movement into fall and routines. I love it.

    I think you’ll really love this profession 🙂

  2. Ha, like putting our desks in our closets? Purchasing a ridiculous wardrobe organizer at Wal Mart (remnants are in my storage room), getting a hole in my foot from an upside down stiletto, Lindy peeking in and being very obviously stressed at our disorganization (unlike her sickly tidy stairway room), looking at our watches at 8:43pm in our room #11 and deciding it was a GREAT time to go to Von Maur (closed at 9pm). That was supposed to be a story that turned into a list and doesn’t make sense but those are some thoughts on rearranging. Best room in Theta!

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