Focusing on how I spend my time…

This has been a BUSY first week of school! I have class on Monday nights after school so I don’t get home until late, and last night was freshmen orientation so I experienced my  first 12 hour day as a teacher! 7:30am – 7:30pm! Wahoo! So today I was excited to have a normal day and get home at a more normal time!

Jeff Yalden from MTV’s Made spoke at school today. He had very interesting stories and while this was intended for the students, I found that one particular piece was especially applicable to me right now. He was talking about visiting his grandpa; I think this is what caught my attention because I’m really close with my grandparents. Among other points he made about the wisdom you can get from family members he said the best way to spell love is T-I-M-E.

I found this piece especially important for me to remember right now because I have a tendency to let classes or school stuff take over my life during the school year, putting off things like spending time with family and friends until school isn’t in session. I know student teaching is going to be a huge consumer of time, but I’m also going to try really hard to keep it from consuming me.

Look out family and friends: you’re going to start getting sick of me. 🙂


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