My first (and possibly last) 5k!

Well today was the day, folks! Mike and I ran our first 5k today! The race was for the Community Foundation of Johnson County and encouraging kids to live healthy active lives. So, lots of families were there! This was great for my confidence because I knew I wouldn’t get last place… but I was quite surprised when the first grandma and 5-year-old passed me! (Don’t worry, I got them in the end!) I run like a turtle so we’re not even going to discuss times, in fact, I don’t even know what mine was. But I finished! Mike had a great race and was cheering me on at the finish line. One of his students was there cheering for Mr. Whitt as he ran! Here are some pics:

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There were lots of children at the race today and after the 5k they were having a kid’s mile run and also a 100 meter dash for kids! We REALLY wanted to stay to watch these races! The kids were so excited to run! However, the race was at 8 and we had a meeting at church at 9:30 so we were pushing it to run, rush home, shower, and drive to church all in an hour and a half!

Alright so I know there are lots of runners out there who are thinking yay! wahoo! she did it! she loves running now! Well… not quite. Here’s my beef with running. I totally get running as a means of fitness, exercise, weight loss, whatever you’re doing. And I had never run a race before so I thought “hey, maybe if I’m doing this as a competition I’ll enjoy it more.” But here’s my issue with running as a sport. In other sports that I play or have played (volleyball, basketball, softball etc.) the practices are challenging and I worked hard but I always knew it would be worth it when it came to playing the game. AND the game would be FUN! I put up with the practices because the games were fun. With running, however, the “game” or the race, is almost the exact same thing as practice! It’s not more fun (for me) than practice because it’s the same thing as practice, if not more torturous! Anyway, no offense to anyone who thinks running races is the bees knees, and I’m not ruling out running another race, but I’m not signing up for an ultra marathon anytime soon!


4 thoughts on “My first (and possibly last) 5k!

  1. I’m proud of you! One of my favorite things about you is your honesty, and this post screams it. Running sucks. haha! I obviously see the value in it, too, but you’re totally right. In terms of it being a sport, it’s not a fun “game”. How’d it feel finishing on a track? Did it bring you back to the 8th grade days?

  2. There’s a difference between you and me….
    While you believe that running sucks, you still do it.
    I too believe running sucks but don’t do it 🙂
    I am very proud of you!

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