Getting up in the morning

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This is not one of my strengths. It never has been. When I was younger, my grandpa was “afraid” to wake me up so he would send our black lab, Anna, into my room in the morning to get me out of bed. Usually I would get pretty mad at her for jumping on me and licking my face, but at least my grandpa didn’t have to deal with my attitude! My morning crankiness didn’t go away as I got older. I remember one Theta camping retreat when my friend Molly, the happiest person on the planet, tried to wake me up and I immediately snapped at her to leave me alone!

So, hearing these lovely stories about “Morning Sara” you may wonder why in the world I would ever want to be a teacher and get up so early in the morning. Well, the thing is, I actually like the morning. What I don’t like is getting out of bed. Once I am out of bed I love all things about the morning! Coffee, breakfast food, getting things accomplished before other people are even awake… etc. I like all these things! If I can only convince myself to get out of bed!

I think I’m slowly improving my attitude but this morning was a little setback, as my bad attitude about waking up overflowed into a bad attitude in general. I was a grouch and running late. Luckily my wonderful husband isn’t afraid of “Morning Sara” and helped me get my things together and pushed me out the door in time to get to school. Then, once I was in the car and had time to relax and gather my thoughts I realized what a punk I had been so I made an apology phone call to Mike to get the day back on track!

So, today I’m thankful for a patient husband! What are you thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “Getting up in the morning

  1. I am the same way!!! My uncle said you had to put a blanket over me when you woke me up so I wouldn’t fight back. I still get grumpy and usually don’t talk to anyone until I have fully woken up. I can’t stand Tony’s morning energy sometimes, but thankfully he sleeps in until I am ready to leave (so he gets a happy girl to say goodbye to in the morning!)…. but I also love being up and moving and starting the day!

    I never know how to answer the night owl/ early bird question. I wish I could do both, but I am neither 🙂

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  3. One of my favorite (and vivid) memories of moving in with you is you telling me not to talk to you in the morning and not to take offense when you were cranky. I think you rubbed off on me because I am NOT nice in the morning. THE worst is when you get a “what’s wrong? why are your cranky? what are you doing today? what’s up with today?” blabla. STOP!! Also, love mornings as well. SO MUCH. However getting out of bed is impossible.

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