Things we hate

So today is a REALLY windy day! I almost blew away when I was walking to my car! Today’s wind reminded me of a day last summer when Mike and I decided to make a list of things we hate. Normally we try to be really positive and avoid talking about things we hate, but it was somewhat therapeutic to just sit down and complain about some really stupid things that bug us. I was reminded of that day because the number one thing on our hate list is wind!

We made the list together but some of them only reflect the opinion of one of us. Here’s an abridged version of the list:
Note: it’s not in any specific order, this is just the order in which we came up with them.

1. Wind
2. Banana Stings (Mike)
3. White stuff on oranges
4. Burps (Sara)
5. Getting up in the morning
6. Showering every day
7. Zits
8. Know it alls
9. That one treadmill at the gym that never works right
10. barking dogs
11. Canker sores
12. Burning the roof of your mouth
13. Slimy lunch meat
14. Getting hungry before bed (Mike)
15. Blow drying my hair (Sara)
16. Binge Drinking (ugh, we’re getting old)
17. Bad apples
18. Political Commercials (the worst was Al Franken vs Norm Coleman UGH)
19. Fatty meat
20. Jelly you can’t open
21. University Heights cops
22. Yelling music (Sara)
23. Swearing music (Sara)
24. Rogue birds
25. Clicking noises at night

So there ya have it! I have been laughing out loud reading through this ridiculous list. Sometimes when something is really bugging us we just add it to the hate list and it makes us feel better. Odd… but it works for us!

What would you put on your hate list?


Bears vs Packers

Green Bay Packers logo

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I’m a Packers fan. Mike is a Bears fan. Pretty much every week we both cheer for both teams. However, because they are in the same division there are multiple times each year when the Bears play the Packers. We’re both quite competitive so most of the time we make some kind of bet on the game. Loser has to do the dishes, take out the trash, winner gets to gloat etc. While the bets are made in fun, the loser is typically more upset than he/she lets on. So, today we decided all bets are off. We decided to watch the game as friends. No heckling allowed. No outward cheering. No razzing.

Well, because the Packers won (yahoo), these new rules weren’t as much fun for me, but I think Mike appreciated that the only thing he lost was the game. We got along really well so I think these new rules might be here to stay!

Social Lives…

Mike and I really enjoy spending time at home. We like to relax and spend time doing nothing together, especially after long stressful days/weeks. We value our time together, however, we also understand the importance of other relationships. So this week, we decided to focus on having a social life. On Monday we met up with some A2 friends for pizza and drinks at Coach’s Corner while watching Monday Night Football. (They made it easy on us, Coach’s Corner is about a 5 minute walk from our apt.) Tomorrow night we’re going to some friend’s house for game night. We’re quite excited to learn some new games!! AND THEN (I know, you’re probably thinking woah, 2 social events in 1 week is crazy for the Whitts, let alone THREE social events) on Saturday we’re going to the Iowa game and probably tailgating with my parents and their friends. This might be social overload for two homebodies but I’ll keep you posted!

Weekly Math Puzzle

So lately I’ve been struggling with thinking of things to blog about. Pretty much all I do every day is math. I won’t will try not to bore you too much with my love of mathematics, but I think most of you know how much I love games. Well, to me, math is a game, a super complex yet simple game. So I thought each week I would share with you a fun math problem or puzzle to keep your brains moving.

We’ll start with an easy one.

There’s a man named Carl. Carl has a drawer full of socks. Half of them are white and half of them are black. Carl understands nothing about fashion but still likes his socks to match. When Carl is getting dressed in the morning he reaches in his drawer and pulls out some socks. How many socks does Carl have to pull out to guarantee he gets two that are the same color?

Happy problem solving!

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One of my favorite places in the world…

is my grandparents’ house! I have always enjoyed spending time with my grandparents and truly blessed to have 3 grandparents still living! It’s always the case that during the school year I tend to visit my grandparents less than I would like. My grandpa has been sick lately and I’ve been reminding myself about priorities so on Saturday Mike and I headed up to Independence. We watched the Hawkeye game and had a great time. I wouldn’t have spent my Saturday any other way!

A new ministry at Parkview

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One of our goals for our first year of marriage was to become involved with a ministry at Parkview. We tried one out on Wednesday, and today was the first day of A2 which is a new ministry at Parkview. The focus is to reach out to young couples and families to help them become connected at church. Many young people (Mike and I included) who go to church do simply that: go to service and then leave without getting more involved. A2 is a bible study group that focuses on building a community like the one depicted in Acts 2 (hence the name A2). For those who are interested in the idea check out Acts 2:41-47. It gives an awesome description of what a devoted community of believers could look like.

Since today was the first day we weren’t sure what to expect. We don’t see a lot of people at church who seem to be our age – they seem either younger or older. So, when 8 other couples our age showed up it was quite exciting! (A2 splits up into 3 different sections, couples with no kids, new families, and families with multiple kids.) It was great to meet other people at Parkview who are at a similar stage in life as we are. While today was mostly introductions and learning about what A2 is, we’re excited to see the new ministry grow!

The best thing about football Saturdays…

is a delicious meal from the old crock pot! (especially when my Hawkeyes don’t play so well) 😦 Mike is the crock pot king in this house! He gets up early to craft something yummy so we can smell it cooking all day while we watch football!

Today’s meal was Italian Beef Sandwiches – probably our favorite crock pot meal! I’d love to tell you the recipe but Mike has his own recipe and I’m not even sure what’s in it. Perhaps he’ll share it with us if I allow him to guest post again. It was delicious! It was the highlight of the day after the Hawks left us disappointed.

What’s your favorite football meal?

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