Some crazy events in South Bend

This weekend, some friends – Kellie & John, invited us to go to the Notre Dame football game with them. Wahoo! All went well on the trip to and from South Bend but our time spent on campus was quite eventful! We toured campus making note of the neat architecture and some differences in the activities we were experiencing and what we knew was happening in Iowa City. The tailgating experience included bagpipes, steak sandwiches (yum!), students volunteering for charity, and I’m pretty sure I overheard a discussion about Russian politics. For anyone who has been to Iowa City, you know this was not your typical Hawkeye tailgate. Note: I’m not saying one is better than the other, just noting the differences!

We then headed to the game! It was not a pretty sight for Notre Dame fans. The game itself was ridiculous with about 100 Notre Dame turnovers in the red zone. But that was nothing… then we came to halftime. At halftime the bad marched out onto the field and was promptly told to exit into the tunnel and out of the stadium before they even started playing. We then heard an announcement “Would usher 800 please report to securtiy.” We later found out this was code for evacuate everyone immediately. So we had to leave the stadium because bad weather was coming. We headed over to wait in the basketball arena where we endured halftime. We waited, waited, did a crossword puzzle, waited, and waited some more. Two hours later we were told the game would resume in 20 minutes! Yay! After a mad rush back into the stadium the game resumed, and so did Notre Dame’s struggles.

We completed the third quarter and part of the 4th quarter when we heard “Would usher 800 please report to security.” Nooooo! The game was suspended again and all fans were escorted out of the stadium. At this point we decided we had had enough and headed for the car. We sprinted through the parking lots on our way to the car but my 5k training wasn’t enough. The rain started pouring down and we were completely soaked! We headed back to the hotel for dry clothes and some drinks. Phew! What a day!

We saw on the news that the weather was crazy in Iowa City as well! Was anyone here to experience it?


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