The Spot

We’ve been looking for a fun place to volunteer. So tonight Mike and I tagged along with one of our pastors, Doug, and his wife Laurie, to volunteer at The Spot. The Spot is a Christ-centered youth center developed by Parkview Church targeting at-risk youth. You can read more about it here. Wednesday nights are devoted to mostly high school aged youth while other nights involve younger kids as well. So we were thrown into the mix with about 80 high schoolers! I know, I know, I spend my whole day with high schoolers, why spend more time with rambunctious, obnoxious teenagers?

As I thought about it, I realized the difference between high schoolers at school, and high schoolers at The Spot. These kids WANT to be at The Spot, and many kids do not want to be at school. It was fun to interact with the kids in an environment where they want to be, and where they feel comfortable.Their enthusiasm for everything was contagious! (I even found myself joining in on my team’s rap :))

Learning and teaching about God, playing charades, rapping, and sports in the gym… this sounds like my kind of volunteering!!

For what organizations do you volunteer?


3 thoughts on “The Spot

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