A new ministry at Parkview

A plain wooden cross. Photo taken by Krupo

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One of our goals for our first year of marriage was to become involved with a ministry at Parkview. We tried one out on Wednesday, and today was the first day of A2 which is a new ministry at Parkview. The focus is to reach out to young couples and families to help them become connected at church. Many young people (Mike and I included) who go to church do simply that: go to service and then leave without getting more involved. A2 is a bible study group that focuses on building a community like the one depicted in Acts 2 (hence the name A2). For those who are interested in the idea check out Acts 2:41-47. It gives an awesome description of what a devoted community of believers could look like.

Since today was the first day we weren’t sure what to expect. We don’t see a lot of people at church who seem to be our age – they seem either younger or older. So, when 8 other couples our age showed up it was quite exciting! (A2 splits up into 3 different sections, couples with no kids, new families, and families with multiple kids.) It was great to meet other people at Parkview who are at a similar stage in life as we are. While today was mostly introductions and learning about what A2 is, we’re excited to see the new ministry grow!


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