Social Lives…

Mike and I really enjoy spending time at home. We like to relax and spend time doing nothing together, especially after long stressful days/weeks. We value our time together, however, we also understand the importance of other relationships. So this week, we decided to focus on having a social life. On Monday we met up with some A2 friends for pizza and drinks at Coach’s Corner while watching Monday Night Football. (They made it easy on us, Coach’s Corner is about a 5 minute walk from our apt.) Tomorrow night we’re going to some friend’s house for game night. We’re quite excited to learn some new games!! AND THEN (I know, you’re probably thinking woah, 2 social events in 1 week is crazy for the Whitts, let alone THREE social events) on Saturday we’re going to the Iowa game and probably tailgating with my parents and their friends. This might be social overload for two homebodies but I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Social Lives…

  1. Yahoo!! I feel like a toddler with play dates but I, too, schedule social time for myself. I had my first weekend off in awhile a few weeks ago and I stayed home alone and watched TWENTY ONE episodes of Friday Night Lights in over two days. It was pathetic. And so much fun. I just took a break to go eat brunch with Granny and got right back to solo posting up. Social lives are sooooo hardddddd. (where did our 20 year old selves energy go?)

    • By the way, do you guys watch it? Have you? If not I feel as though you would love it. I am obsessed. Currently watching first episode of season three now. So emotionally involved it’s out of control. Good balance in the story line of sports, high school kids stuff and adult stuff. I want Riggins to be my high school boyfriend and coach Taylor to be my real life boyfriend. Please let me know your thoughts!

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