Bears vs Packers

Green Bay Packers logo

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I’m a Packers fan. Mike is a Bears fan. Pretty much every week we both cheer for both teams. However, because they are in the same division there are multiple times each year when the Bears play the Packers. We’re both quite competitive so most of the time we make some kind of bet on the game. Loser has to do the dishes, take out the trash, winner gets to gloat etc. While the bets are made in fun, the loser is typically more upset than he/she lets on. So, today we decided all bets are off. We decided to watch the game as friends. No heckling allowed. No outward cheering. No razzing.

Well, because the Packers won (yahoo), these new rules weren’t as much fun for me, but I think Mike appreciated that the only thing he lost was the game. We got along really well so I think these new rules might be here to stay!


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