Things we hate

So today is a REALLY windy day! I almost blew away when I was walking to my car! Today’s wind reminded me of a day last summer when Mike and I decided to make a list of things we hate. Normally we try to be really positive and avoid talking about things we hate, but it was somewhat therapeutic to just sit down and complain about some really stupid things that bug us. I was reminded of that day because the number one thing on our hate list is wind!

We made the list together but some of them only reflect the opinion of one of us. Here’s an abridged version of the list:
Note: it’s not in any specific order, this is just the order in which we came up with them.

1. Wind
2. Banana Stings (Mike)
3. White stuff on oranges
4. Burps (Sara)
5. Getting up in the morning
6. Showering every day
7. Zits
8. Know it alls
9. That one treadmill at the gym that never works right
10. barking dogs
11. Canker sores
12. Burning the roof of your mouth
13. Slimy lunch meat
14. Getting hungry before bed (Mike)
15. Blow drying my hair (Sara)
16. Binge Drinking (ugh, we’re getting old)
17. Bad apples
18. Political Commercials (the worst was Al Franken vs Norm Coleman UGH)
19. Fatty meat
20. Jelly you can’t open
21. University Heights cops
22. Yelling music (Sara)
23. Swearing music (Sara)
24. Rogue birds
25. Clicking noises at night

So there ya have it! I have been laughing out loud reading through this ridiculous list. Sometimes when something is really bugging us we just add it to the hate list and it makes us feel better. Odd… but it works for us!

What would you put on your hate list?


7 thoughts on “Things we hate

  1. haha i love you guys! my favories are “white stuff on oranges” and “showering every day”! looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Also I just finished reading the Hunger Games and loved it.

  2. SLIMY LUNCH MEAT! I hear ya!! I don’t like many sub places because it is all slimy… Blimpie’s is my go-to because the shave it right there, I know it’s hasn’t been sitting in icky juices all day! haha, love it!! I would also have to agree with the shower+blow dry deal. I wouldn’t mind showering if I didn’t have wet hair 🙂 Boys! They have it so easy! 😉

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