Life before we got married…

involved only butter knives and one paring knife. We couldn’t cut anything! We would saw away at our food with uncerrerated knives, and many times moved to the “stab it with a fork and bite it” method. Since our wedding our eating habits have evolved due to an amazing new set of knives we received! We now chop vegetables with ease and cut our chicken effortlessly. AND, every once in a while we even venture out and buy a watermelon or cantaloupe! Our dinner menu has greatly expanded now that we have the ability to cut (see pork chops below). We also find ourselves using a really sharp knife to cut things that probably don’t need it (see calzone below)!








2 thoughts on “Life before we got married…

  1. Knives are a great invention…we use them all the time.

    I really enjoy your blog. I just made our access to it easier…. a one button click. I put it on the ipod too. I look forward to reading it more frequently now.

    p.s. I agree. I don’t like banana strings either.

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