I can’t say I’ve had many encounters with wild turkeys in my life. When we lived in Manchester there would be an occasional turkey in our backyard and when I was really little our neighbors had 2 turkeys as pets, but besides that, I haven’t crossed paths with many turkeys. Lately it seems I have been running into turkeys a lot more.

A couple of months ago Mike and I were in Cedar Rapids visiting my parents and decided to go for an afternoon walk. My parents live in a quite populated neighborhood in the middle of Cedar Rapids so as were walking we were not expecting any turkeys. As we walked down the street we were startled to see a wild turkey standing on the side of the road staring at us. We were both a little scared of it so we moved to the other side of the street and kept walking. As we continued another turkey came out to join the first one. They crossed the road a couple of times back and forth and kept watching us. Let me tell you… they are FAST little buggers!! However, Mike and I were not excited about this speed, it only freaked us out even more! The turkeys just watched us as we walked and we felt like we were on the movie Jurassic Park! They were like creepy little dinosaurs watching us. We made it to the end of the road and had to turn around to walk past the turkeys again. As we approached the place where we first saw them they were gone. PHEW! Our relief was short lived. We soon saw a creepy little head poke up from behind some bushes, still watching us. Then a little further down the street another head poked up from in some weeds! These darn turkeys were stalking us!! We started sprinting down the street back to my parents as the dinosaur-like turkeys eyed us the whole way.

So, after that turkey experience I’ve decided I don’t like them. They are creepy. Then today there was another encounter. See below.
A stinking turkey! Blocking traffic in the middle of Cedar Rapids! The traffic was lined up for blocks because this darn turkey was in the middle of the intersection!

Don’t worry turkeys…. I’ll get my revenge tomorrow! 🙂


The curse is broken!!!!

For about 3 years Mike and I have been living under the curse of Grumpy Dip. Your first question is probably “What is Grumpy Dip?” Grumpy dip is basically just melted Velveeta cheese with ground sausage or chorizo and some tomatoes mixed in. If you’ve ever watched the Big Ten Network there are about 1,000 commercials per minute for dip made with Rotel and Velveeta. Grumpy Dip is sort of like that…. but way better.

So now you’re thinking, “Okay… but why is it called Grumpy Dip?” Well, when we lived in Minneapolis, Mike worked with this guy who was ALWAYS grumpy, thus we named him Grumpy Dude. At the staff Christmas party Grumpy Dude brought some delicious dip we really liked and began replicating. Since Grumpy Dude introduced us to it, we decided to name it after him, so we called it Grumpy Dip.

Now that we have that covered… on to the curse! So Grumpy Dip is the perfect snack for watching football. Sometimes we make it in our mini crock pot, other times we just warm up a small amount in the microwave. For the last 3 years we have been making Grumpy Dip off and on for Hawkeye games, and EVERY TIME we make it, the Hawks lose! We have probably made it on 6 Saturdays in the last 3 years and each time the Hawks have lost. It got to the point where we would refuse to make Grumpy Dip simply because we wanted the Hawks to win. Well, after last weekend’s loss we decided we didn’t have much to lose this weekend so we went ahead and made some Grumpy Dip. And the Hawkeyes didn’t blow it!!!! They won!!!! Wahoooooo! The curse was broken! We can now eat Grumpy Dip any Saturday we want to without taking the blame for a pitiful Hawkeye performance. PHEW!

A much needed day off!

Because we had conferences last week we got the day off on Friday! I was planning on spending the day getting lots of school work accomplished… but my plans quickly changed. I had a dentist appointment in Manchester (turns out I need to floss more often) so I stopped in Cedar Rapids first to spend some time with my mom. Then I headed to Traer to meet the newest member of the Milroy family!

Meet Aurora Ken!!

Aurora was born on Wednesday and she’s one tiny little button!! She only weighs 5 pounds but both Aurora and her mommy are doing great! It was wonderful to see Kristin and Sam and “help out” by cuddling Aurora while they got some things done around the house. I am pretty good at this kind of helping out! 🙂

That night we headed to our first Iowa basketball game of the year! Mike and I decided to get season basketball tickets this year for the first time in about 5 years! I guess you could say we have high hopes for the Hawkeyes this year! If not… there’s always wrestling!

Some might call us passionate…

but I’m going to call us huge nerds!! Last night Mike and I went to dinner with Kristin & Sam (that’s not why we’re dorks! It was great to see them – can’t wait to meet the baby in a couple weeks!!!!). Anyway, we were done with dinner and started driving home. It was only about 8:30 and we couldn’t decide what do to the rest of the night. We tossed around ideas like going to the gym, renting a movie, or reading, but none of them were really exciting us too much. Then Mike suggested “We could download a trial version of Math Type.” Immediately I was super excited!! Math Type is an add-on to Microsoft Word that allows you to type mathematically. Most of you have probably never tried to write math problems in Word, but let me tell you, it stinks!! I recently tried Math Type at school because my cooperating teacher has it on her computer. We researched it and found out you can get a free 30 day trial. So at 8:30 on a Friday night we raced home to download the free trial and spent the night creating fractions and equations with trig functions. Ahhhh, a Friday night well spent.

The complete nerdiness does not end there. Earlier this week we decided to become members of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. With this membership we get access to mathematical journals from the last like 10 years. Wow! Talk about information overload! So tonight both Mike and I are downloading article after article about teaching math, investigative ideas, sample lessons, innovative approaches to content and I even found an article about math based card tricks (woo hoo!).

So there you have it. I’m a nerd.

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I’ve never really been too into Halloween. Naturally I went trick-or-treating as a kid – but never got too jazzed about costumes or anything like that. In college it was fun to dress up and go out with friends, but it wasn’t the highlight of my year. Check out Popeye and the Clown from senior year!

Halloween was much more exciting this year for several reasons. A couple weeks ago we went to visit Allison & Kevin at their new house in Mount Prospect! While we were there we all carved pumpkins. It was lots of fun and all the pumpkins turned out great! Some of us used stencils and it was surprisingly easy! Check out our masterpieces!


Another neat thing about Halloween is seeing all the costumes that little kids wear. Mike had a costume parade at school so he got to see lots of costumes, but my high-schoolers were more interested in the playoff football game that night than Halloween. Additionally, living in an apartment doesn’t get you many trick-or-treaters so we were looking for a way to check out some costumes without being those creepers driving through neighborhoods looking at little kids. That afternoon we got an email from Doug, one of our pastors at Parkview, inviting us over to their house to help with trick-or-treaters. Rather than just handing out candy, their family has a carnival, where kids play different games to earn tickets that they can cash in for candy. It was such a cool idea – make the kids earn their candy! They had different games including basketball, carpetball, bean bag toss, and trivia. The kids loved it! Even cooler than just the idea was that it helped them build relationships with the families in the neighborhood. Rather than just seeing the parents wave from the street as their kids collect candy, the parents came into the garage and chatted with Doug & Laurie as their kids played the games. What a neat way to connect with people!

Mike and I were tossing around ideas of what we want to do when we have a house and possible trick-or-treaters and we really like the idea of trivia – get your question right and you get 2 pieces of candy. Get it wrong and you only get 1 piece. BONUS! Solve a math problem and you get the whole basket of candy! Just kidding, but maybe you’d get like 4 pieces or something 🙂

Anyway… what do you do for Halloween?