Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I’ve never really been too into Halloween. Naturally I went trick-or-treating as a kid – but never got too jazzed about costumes or anything like that. In college it was fun to dress up and go out with friends, but it wasn’t the highlight of my year. Check out Popeye and the Clown from senior year!

Halloween was much more exciting this year for several reasons. A couple weeks ago we went to visit Allison & Kevin at their new house in Mount Prospect! While we were there we all carved pumpkins. It was lots of fun and all the pumpkins turned out great! Some of us used stencils and it was surprisingly easy! Check out our masterpieces!


Another neat thing about Halloween is seeing all the costumes that little kids wear. Mike had a costume parade at school so he got to see lots of costumes, but my high-schoolers were more interested in the playoff football game that night than Halloween. Additionally, living in an apartment doesn’t get you many trick-or-treaters so we were looking for a way to check out some costumes without being those creepers driving through neighborhoods looking at little kids. That afternoon we got an email from Doug, one of our pastors at Parkview, inviting us over to their house to help with trick-or-treaters. Rather than just handing out candy, their family has a carnival, where kids play different games to earn tickets that they can cash in for candy. It was such a cool idea – make the kids earn their candy! They had different games including basketball, carpetball, bean bag toss, and trivia. The kids loved it! Even cooler than just the idea was that it helped them build relationships with the families in the neighborhood. Rather than just seeing the parents wave from the street as their kids collect candy, the parents came into the garage and chatted with Doug & Laurie as their kids played the games. What a neat way to connect with people!

Mike and I were tossing around ideas of what we want to do when we have a house and possible trick-or-treaters and we really like the idea of trivia – get your question right and you get 2 pieces of candy. Get it wrong and you only get 1 piece. BONUS! Solve a math problem and you get the whole basket of candy! Just kidding, but maybe you’d get like 4 pieces or something 🙂

Anyway… what do you do for Halloween?


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