A much needed day off!

Because we had conferences last week we got the day off on Friday! I was planning on spending the day getting lots of school work accomplished… but my plans quickly changed. I had a dentist appointment in Manchester (turns out I need to floss more often) so I stopped in Cedar Rapids first to spend some time with my mom. Then I headed to Traer to meet the newest member of the Milroy family!

Meet Aurora Ken!!

Aurora was born on Wednesday and she’s one tiny little button!! She only weighs 5 pounds but both Aurora and her mommy are doing great! It was wonderful to see Kristin and Sam and “help out” by cuddling Aurora while they got some things done around the house. I am pretty good at this kind of helping out! 🙂

That night we headed to our first Iowa basketball game of the year! Mike and I decided to get season basketball tickets this year for the first time in about 5 years! I guess you could say we have high hopes for the Hawkeyes this year! If not… there’s always wrestling!


3 thoughts on “A much needed day off!

  1. Congratulations, Kristin and Sam! 🙂
    Sara, I remember attending games at Iowa with you and your parents before we could drive. You watched the games and Lindy and I picked out the hot players in the program and watched them. hehe!

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