The curse is broken!!!!

For about 3 years Mike and I have been living under the curse of Grumpy Dip. Your first question is probably “What is Grumpy Dip?” Grumpy dip is basically just melted Velveeta cheese with ground sausage or chorizo and some tomatoes mixed in. If you’ve ever watched the Big Ten Network there are about 1,000 commercials per minute for dip made with Rotel and Velveeta. Grumpy Dip is sort of like that…. but way better.

So now you’re thinking, “Okay… but why is it called Grumpy Dip?” Well, when we lived in Minneapolis, Mike worked with this guy who was ALWAYS grumpy, thus we named him Grumpy Dude. At the staff Christmas party Grumpy Dude brought some delicious dip we really liked and began replicating. Since Grumpy Dude introduced us to it, we decided to name it after him, so we called it Grumpy Dip.

Now that we have that covered… on to the curse! So Grumpy Dip is the perfect snack for watching football. Sometimes we make it in our mini crock pot, other times we just warm up a small amount in the microwave. For the last 3 years we have been making Grumpy Dip off and on for Hawkeye games, and EVERY TIME we make it, the Hawks lose! We have probably made it on 6 Saturdays in the last 3 years and each time the Hawks have lost. It got to the point where we would refuse to make Grumpy Dip simply because we wanted the Hawks to win. Well, after last weekend’s loss we decided we didn’t have much to lose this weekend so we went ahead and made some Grumpy Dip. And the Hawkeyes didn’t blow it!!!! They won!!!! Wahoooooo! The curse was broken! We can now eat Grumpy Dip any Saturday we want to without taking the blame for a pitiful Hawkeye performance. PHEW!


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