I can’t say I’ve had many encounters with wild turkeys in my life. When we lived in Manchester there would be an occasional turkey in our backyard and when I was really little our neighbors had 2 turkeys as pets, but besides that, I haven’t crossed paths with many turkeys. Lately it seems I have been running into turkeys a lot more.

A couple of months ago Mike and I were in Cedar Rapids visiting my parents and decided to go for an afternoon walk. My parents live in a quite populated neighborhood in the middle of Cedar Rapids so as were walking we were not expecting any turkeys. As we walked down the street we were startled to see a wild turkey standing on the side of the road staring at us. We were both a little scared of it so we moved to the other side of the street and kept walking. As we continued another turkey came out to join the first one. They crossed the road a couple of times back and forth and kept watching us. Let me tell you… they are FAST little buggers!! However, Mike and I were not excited about this speed, it only freaked us out even more! The turkeys just watched us as we walked and we felt like we were on the movie Jurassic Park! They were like creepy little dinosaurs watching us. We made it to the end of the road and had to turn around to walk past the turkeys again. As we approached the place where we first saw them they were gone. PHEW! Our relief was short lived. We soon saw a creepy little head poke up from behind some bushes, still watching us. Then a little further down the street another head poked up from in some weeds! These darn turkeys were stalking us!! We started sprinting down the street back to my parents as the dinosaur-like turkeys eyed us the whole way.

So, after that turkey experience I’ve decided I don’t like them. They are creepy. Then today there was another encounter. See below.
A stinking turkey! Blocking traffic in the middle of Cedar Rapids! The traffic was lined up for blocks because this darn turkey was in the middle of the intersection!

Don’t worry turkeys…. I’ll get my revenge tomorrow! 🙂


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