Date night for the Whitts…

means heading to our favorite strip mall! Mike was in charge of planning last night’s date night and he did an awesome job! First we went to his favorite pizza place, Falbos. Yummmmm! They have pizza by the slice for $2 and the pieces are huge! Unfortunately they only had 3 pieces left when we got there, which isn’t nearly enough for us! No big deal, we just ate the 3 pieces slowly and chatted about school (not typically allowed on date nights, but unavoidable with student teaching coming to an end) while we waited for 2 more slices.
Next we headed to the other end of the strip mall to my favorite frozen yogurt place, Ghurties. Mmmmm delicious! It might look like just a cup full of toppings, but I promise there is some frozen yogurt under there somewhere!
So after pizza and ice cream the plan was to head to the rec center for an intense game of ping-pong. However, after a dinner and dessert like this neither of us were in the mood for ping-pong. So we headed to the library, picked out some books, and headed home for a relaxing evening of reading.


2 thoughts on “Date night for the Whitts…

  1. Is that a new Falbos sign? It’s so chic!! Did you go to the one below Key West?! I’m all stressed, I just. Need. Some. Falbos..

    • Haha It’s actually a new Falbos in Coralville. We always go to that one because the parking below Key West is horrible! It also has tables and chairs so in the case that you don’t live right above the pizza place you can actually sit down to eat!

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