The last day…

Today was the last day of student teaching for Mike and me! Yay! We made it! Earlier this week we had been observing in other classrooms so each of our teachers had the students write us thank you letters. Some were very genuine and had very nice things to say, while others cracked jokes. Funny how strongly the effort they put into this “assignment” correlates to the effort they put into their math classes. 🙂 What more can you expect from 6th graders and high schoolers. Here are some of the not-so-serious ones:

Dear Mrs. Whitt,
You have the coolest clothes ever!

Dear Mrs. Whitt,
You taught me a lot about writing proofs.
Conclusion: You’re an awesome teacher. Justification: “I said so” theorem.

Dear Mrs. Whitt,
Facebook Friends?

Dear Mr. Whitt,
When I first saw you I thought you would be mean with those clothes you wear.

Dear Mr. Whitt,
I like your unique style, buzz cut, glasses, and khakis.

Dear Mr. Whitt,
Campbell’s having a party about you leaving. Just kidding.

Dear Mr. Whitt,
Will you ever come back even though we disrespected you by interrupting you and driving you up a wall?

Dear Mr. Whitt,
Sometimes you were mean and sometimes you were funny like when… hum oh no, give me some time to think about that.

As you can see, we worked with some characters this semester! I’m a little sad that it’s over but am excited for new things to come! And, with student teaching out of the way my schedule is wide open… which means lots of time for blogging!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The last day…

  1. These are hilarious! You both have a lot of patience. Congrats on your graduation on Friday. So happy for you both!! ~ Allison

  2. What a riot. Do the letters make it worth it?? 🙂 I’m sure you’ll both love being in your own classrooms…. they just keep getting funnier!

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