Late night Twix fix!

Most nights before we go to bed we watch Conan. So for the last couple nights as we’ve been watching Conan there has been a very convincing Twix commercial that comes on. In fact, it comes on at exactly the same time every night! For the last 4 nights we have noticed the same Twix commercial at exactly 10:50pm! Naturally, upon seeing this commercial I immediately want to get a Twix bar. The problem is that it’s 10:50pm and I’m wearing my pajamas. So each night I vowed to get a Twix the next day. But throughout my slumber I would forget about the Twix commercial and not think about it until the next night at exactly 10:50 when I would see the commercial again.

Until last night! After a long day of finalizing portfolios, and an intense game of racquetball, we decided to go out and get a snack – a Twix bar! Four agonizing nights of Twix cravings finally came to an end.


One thought on “Late night Twix fix!

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