busy week continued…

so I had this all typed up in one nice post and it didn’t work out…. so I’m posting the second part of the post here!

Saturday morning we volunteered at The Spot Christmas Store. Our church collected donated gifts which were sold at the Christmas Store. Parents of the students who attend The Spot were invited to buy gifts for their kids at a 90% discount. There were over 60 families who came to buy presents! We were there from 7-11am and the time flew by! Mike and I had the roles of “personal shopping assistants.” Our job was to help the families pick out presents for their kids. Some of them knew exactly what they wanted and others relied on our advice. I’m pretty sure I heard Mike recommending a Barbie Doll. 🙂 It was a great experience helping these families in an environment that was focused on how God provides for all of us in so many ways.

Today we celebrated Christmas with the Dunn family in Iowa City! It was great to see everyone – especially uncles from Los Angeles and Des Moines who we don’t get to see often. The Christmas celebrations have begun!


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