It’s been a busy week… sort of…

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Oops. The good news is that I have some good stuff to share! First of all, Mike and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary on Monday! We decided to make ourselves dinner and just hang out at home. The menu included a raspberry walnut salad, bacon wrapped sirloin, homemade scalloped potatoes, green beans, and chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent driving around the state of Iowa. We visited Kristin, Sam, and Aurora in Traer, my Grandma Lucy in Independence, and my Grandma Ida in Waterloo. Visiting everyone was great – and Mike and I got to spend lots of quality time in the car. One of the quality conversations started because of the banana peel pictured below.

Mike usually eats about this much of his banana so I was holding the remnants. There happened to be a police car in front of us and we thought it would be funny to throw the banana peel in front of the police car causing it to spin out like in Mariocart. While discussing targets for our banana peel we began to think further about banana peels. I am skeptical that bananas peels are actually slippery while Mike is convinced that you would slip if you stepped on a banana peel. The conversation was quite detailed including the surface that would be necessary for the peel to slip and the age of the peel. We’re planning an investigation – I’ll let you know what we conclude. (Yes, this is how we plan to spend our break.) Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

Thursday I entered the world of smart phones! I decided it was time for an iPhone! I’m still learning so if you get a call/message/facetime request that wasn’t meant for you… I’m sorry! I’ve spent lots of this “busy week” downloading new apps. I’m hooked on Words With Friends and even found an app to help with my latest knitting project! Anyone have any app suggestions?

Friday was graduation from the College of Education! Wahoo we’re done! The Whitts and Dunns were in town and we all had a delicious dinner together!


3 thoughts on “It’s been a busy week… sort of…

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Excited about the smart phone! What is the knitting app? Also, an old coworker had me suggestions last week I’m HOOKED to.
    1) KeyRing: keeps track of those little scanner deals you get for Michaels/CVS/Dicks whatever. Frequent buyer deals. Keeps track of discounts you have and stores coupons that you open on your phone to use!
    2) YardSale: haven’t used it yet for real but I’ve searched a lot. Shows yard/estate sales in your area, you can click to get info, see street view etc! I looked in California for estate sales last night in bed, street viewed them all (super entertaining).

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