So last night Mike and I went to the grocery store around 6. While we were there I got incredibly tired. I have no idea why! I was walking around like a zombie just watching Mike pick out cereal. Exciting side note: Lucky Charms were cheaper than the generic Marshmallow Mateys! Score!
Anyway after groceries and dinner it was about 7:30 and I was still exhausted… Mike jokingly guessed I would be asleep by 8. At 7:55 he looked over and I was fast asleep- and this wasn’t just a catnap. It was bedtime. I did wake up around 11 for a quick bowl of those Lucky Charms but after that I was snoozing until 9 am this morning when Mike literally picked me up out of bed. I could have slept at least a few more hours. I have no idea why I was so tired but I feel quite rested today! That’s what 100 hours of sleep will do for ya! I promised Mike I wouldn’t make it a habit and what do ya know- its 9:20 and I’m still awake!


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