Getting bakey

Mike and I were pretty bored today so we decided to spend the afternoon listening to some Christmas tunes and baking cookies. It sounds pleasant except for the fact that we are both terrible at baking!
First recipe: Peanut butter cookies with Reese’s in the middle. We got halfway through the recipe when we realized we didn’t have a mini muffin tin. We decided we could improvise and only ended up throwing out/playing with one batch before we came up with something edible.



Next up we wanted to make some spritz cookies, (the Whitts call them 123s) with the cookie press we got for our wedding. We prepped the dough and put it in the fridge (according to the directions).


After an hour in the fridge it was time for the cookie press. We decided to start with some green trees. Bad news. The dough was so hard it wouldn’t go through the press! Oooops! Mile squeezed the press with all his might and we ended up with about 2 dozen cookies from a recipe that should make 3 dozen. To top it off we burned the first dozen so after all that work we ended up with about 12 spritz cookies and 12 peanut butter cookies. Ugh! By the end we were so frustrated that neither of us even wanted to look at the cookies!


Oh well… It was a fun afternoon laughing hysterically at our inadequate cookies! Time well spent!


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