Merry merry

What a wonderful weekend celebrating the birth of our Savior! Mike and I had our first Christmas as husband and wife and spent Christmas Eve celebrating just the two of us. We went to church together and it was great to start off the celebrations with the true reason for the season. Not only was it a great reminder of the Christmas story but there was a great message about seeking Christ the way the wise men did – they were “all in.”
After church we came home for some dinner. I think our kitchen hates us. After the cookie fiasco we thought we had had our fill of kitchen mix ups. We were wrong. We put some food in the oven and we’re chatting away listening to some music and what do ya know the oven starts smoking! We open it up to determine the cause and find nothing. Thinking its no big deal we close it back up and it continues to smoke. We opened all our windows and had fans going to pump the smoke out as our dinner cooks. Finally it is done and the smoking stops but it seems like we can’t do anything in that kitchen without something going wrong!


Today we spent the day with my family. It was great to eat my mom’s famous can of coke ham, sip on my favorite mulled cider, and play a nasty game of Up the River. (I won for what seems like the first time ever!) we also had a great time playing with one of my mom’s presents: giant Jenga! What a blast!



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