The View From the Top

… of the mountains! We just got back from 5 incredible days in Colorado! We headed out early Friday morning and arrived in Beaver Creek just in time for lunch. After a quick lunch we decided not to wait any longer – we grabbed our skis and headed for the slopes! Because Mike had never skied before we decided to take a lesson to learn the basics. By no means am I an expert skier, but I have been skiing for quite a while. However, Mike and I wanted to take the same lesson so I pretended I had never skied before and we both enrolled in a beginner lesson. Most of the lesson was spent on the learner hills and we rode the “magic carpets” rather than ski lifts. Luckily we were in a group with other adults as Mike was afraid he might tower over all the 5-year-olds who were learning to ski.

By the end of the lesson Mike was doing great so we moved into a different group and headed for the big time: green runs!

Day 2 on the hill consisted of Mike and I taking on more green! It was a beautiful day!!

Day 3 we decided to get a little more adventurous. We had been sticking to one part of the mountain and we decided it was time to branch out to some different green runs on the other side of the mountain. The first couple times down went great! Then it was time to meet everyone else for lunch. We get to the top of the ski lift and get out our map and plan a course to the restaurant.
Our thought process:
Hmmmm it looks like there is only one green route that will get us there.
Hmmmm I wonder why this sign says “Experts only. Absolutely no beginners!”
Well, let’s try it anyway!
So we followed the signs to what should have been a green run, only to find out it was closed due to lack of snow! Then Mike sees a sign that says “Slower skiers stay right.” So we decide right is the best way to go. We soon find ourselves at the top of a mogul run. Uh oh. After about 10 minutes of standing in the middle of the slope discussing our options, 1. try to do some turns and make it through slowly, 2. blast straight down and hope for the best, or 3. take off our skis and walk down (seriously, this was our conversation!) we decided to go for option 2. We booked it right through that run like pros (not!) and made it to lunch on time! We decided that next time we get to pick the lunch location!

While the weather was nice and warm the first 3 days there wasn’t much fresh snow causing the slopes to be a little icy. Things changed on Monday! Beaver Creek got 10 inches of snow throughout the day and we were loving it! The visibility wasn’t great but the skiing was great! It was our favorite day by far! With the wonderful new snow we decided to stretch ourselves and hit some blue runs! (Look out!) Piece of cake! We were shredding like crazy! We were getting so good that other people were actually willing to ski with us! It was a great way to end the trip!

Besides skiing there was great food, great card games, and great time spent with family! My nephew, Seth, was also along on the trip. He is an incredible skier and has a camera for his helmet – it was quite entertaining to watch his videos each night!

Thanks so much to my parents! We had a great time and loved skiing! Mike is ready to go back already! Any Colorado schools looking for 2 teachers???


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