A day focused on baptism!

Okay so I’m a little late in writing about this… but it was such a great day that I don’t want to let it slip by unshared!

Last Sunday we hopped in the car and headed to Traer to join in the celebration of the baptism of Kristin & Sam’s daughter Aurora. It was exciting to welcome Aurora into God’s family and provide support for Sam and Kristin as they commit to teaching Aurora all about God’s grace and mercy.

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Later that afternoon we had the first meeting of our newly formed small group Bible study. We are going to start the study reading the book of Mark. On Sunday we read and discussed Mark:1:1-11 which tells the story of John the Baptist baptizing Jews who confessed their sins to prepare the path for the Messiah. Later, John the Baptist also baptizes Jesus which pleases God. What an incredible story to study on the same day as Aurora’s baptism! We talked about what this tells us about God and how we can apply this to our lives. For me, I really felt this passage was a reminder of the importance of confessing my sins. I made a goal for myself to repent every day this week. (so far so good!)

The day was also a great chance to reflect on my (our) baptism and the choice we made to repent our sins and profess our need for a savior!

All in all… a GREAT Sunday!


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