Spring Break!

This week is our spring break! Wahoo! Although we’re not full time employees at one particular school district, all 4 districts we sub at are on spring break this week, thus we are on spring break as well! We started the week out in Des Moines which was fun, but Mike was struggling with a bit of the flu so we just hung out and took it easy.

It’s always exciting when spring break aligns with what we consider one of the best sports weeks of the year. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone is excited about March Madness, and that is part of what makes this week awesome, but the best part is the combination of as many basketball games as you could ever want to watch and as many wrestling matches as you could ever want to watch! This week is also the NCAA Wrestling Championships! So, our setup is the following: a four-way split screen on the computer so we can watch 4 wrestling matches at a time, the radio going so we’re sure we don’t miss any Hawkeye wrestlers, and the tv flipping between numerous basketball games. Last year we had two tvs going with basketball games but decided (at least for today) that we would tone it down.

So, that’s what we’ll be doing for the next few days!! Only one Hawk has lost so far in the tourney and the Hawks are in the second round of the NIT! Wahoo! Go Hawks!


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