Birthday & Christmas gifts for the forseeable future…

Recently Mike and I have been wanting to get road bikes. When we first moved to Iowa City I thought maybe I would be ambitious and ride my bike to class rather than taking the bus. So we went to Cedar Rapids and dusted off my old mountain bike from middle school and I lasted about 2 trips to campus. I decided it was too much work – I paid $20/month and rode the bus!

Throughout the winter I’ve started attending spin classes on a semi-regular basis and love it! It’s the first kind of cardio workout I have ever enjoyed! Last spring I tried running and while I could force myself to do it, I was NEVER excited for it. So when I was actually excited for spin class (and got an awesome workout for an hour!) I decided maybe cycling was for me! Mike even attended some spin classes with me and enjoyed them as well. So spin class is great, but when it’s 75 degrees and sunny I’d much rather be outside!

So we started looking for bikes. I thought about bringing out my old middle school bike again, but this time we were looking for road bikes, not mountain bikes. I want to go fast, not clamber through the forest. (It’s now for sale at Play-It-Again if you’re looking for a great green mountain bike!) We looked for used bikes on Craigslist and in many used bike stores in Iowa City. For some bikes (mountain bikes, hybrids) the size isn’t as important, but for road bikes sizing is essential. And it turns out Mike and I are quite extreme when it comes to sizing. All the bikes we found were way too small for Mike, and way too big for me.

Which means, to get a bike that fits, we had to look at new bikes. So we headed to Geoff’s Bike & Ski to check some out. At first we were just going to look around… but soon enough we were test riding some super awesome bikes! After a test ride there was no looking back. These bikes are awesome! They are so light and shift so easily and of course… we can fly!

Mike’s is a Specialized Allez Elite:

And mine is a Specialized Dolce Sport:
And we love them! We test drove some other brands but Specialized was our favorite by far! We have been riding up a storm! Last night we went for 2 separate bike rides! There are lots of trails and parks nearby that we’ve been checking out. It’s so fun to exercise is a way that is enjoyable, we can be outside, and we can be together! So these bikes are our birthday and Christmas presents for this year… and probably next year too!


5 thoughts on “Birthday & Christmas gifts for the forseeable future…

  1. Fun!! This motivates me to get serious about a new bike too! I’m using Ben’s from middle school. I’m pretty sure it’s a great workout because I have to work SO hard to get anywhere but it isn’t quite enjoyable. Have you done Ragbrai?

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